Date: 2013-05-29 03:14 pm (UTC)
elli: (Default)
From: [personal profile] elli
Name: elli
Age: 31
Location and Occupation: Germany, Graphic Designer

Major fandoms/interests/hobbies/things you like:
What like all in one entry?

Hobbies: I dance, I make artworks, I read, I craft, I sew and cook and I watch a shitload of awesome tv shows. I also love food. Ver big on food.

Fandoms: I've been active in many fandoms. Majorly Smallville, Star Trek Voyager and Stargate Atlantis. I've also created artworks and icons and many more. Like Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Farscape, Sherlock BBC, Orphan Black, Alias, Lost, The good Wife, Game of Thrones, Veronica Mars, Firefly and a whole lot more.

I'm very much a geek.

Obligatory gif space!

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