Date: 2013-09-10 04:57 pm (UTC)
whatkatedid: (pic#5440887)
From: [personal profile] whatkatedid
Name: Kate
You in a nutshell: I'm a (marginally employed) Teacher's Aide and training to be an Elementary School Teacher, oh, and getting my Master's in Education all at once. I also like fandom... and pie.

Current/airing shows you watch: Saturday Night Live, Grey's Anatomy, Nashville, The Goldbergs, Under the Dome
Past/previously aired shows you watched: Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The X-Files, Animal Practice, Back to You, BtVS, Body of Proof, Desperate Housewives... but I have basically watched EVERYTHING at one point or another.
Pilots you are most excited for: Welcome to the Family, Agents of SHIELD
Favorite movie: Walk the Line
The book you're currently reading: I'm reading 'Quiet the Power of Introverts...' by Susan Cain and also (struggling through) 'Jam' by Yahtzee Crosshaw.
Ships: Deacon/Juliette (Nashville,) Willow/Oz (BtVS,) Addison/Derek (Grey's.)
Other fandom interests: X-Men, Toy Story, Cars

Your interests beside fandom: Horse Racing, Athletics/Track and Field, Politics, quizzing, music, gambling, getting Starbucks

What you hope for in people you add: Someone who actually wants to be friends and comments!

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