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multifandom adding meme ♥

It's time for a new multifandom adding meme. Who doesn't like fandom? Who doesn't like having new, awesome, interactive persons to well... interact with? Please fill out and pimp out this shit. TY!



Date: 2014-01-01 08:46 pm (UTC)
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Date: 2013-09-11 01:55 am (UTC)
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Name: Vicky
You in a nutshell: Nerdy, trekkie, geek, video gamer, watcher of a highlander, hunter, sherlockian, cumberbatched, hordie, asmodian, slytherin, cosplayer, sailor senshi, bjd owner, fangirl, writer, virgo. There are many more that isn't listed.

Current/airing shows you watch: spn, teen wolf, bbc sherlock, elementary (le gasp you can like both!), star trek tng when it's on bbc, heroes on g4, vampire diaries, free swimming anime, and others.
Past/previously aired shows you watched: highlander, xena, hercules, star trek tos, voy, ds9, heroes, sailor moon
Pilots you are most excited for: being human, sleepy hollow and dracula
Favorite movie: Star Trek Reboot 09 (Bridget Jones a close second. I love Firth as Darcy. ANY Darcy.) Wait, I forgot about Pacific Rim. I love that movie!
The book you're currently reading: Attack on Titan. I frequent anime cons and I want to know what the fuss is about.
Ships: Het, Slash, OT3s, 4s, etc and rival ships. I like everything and multiship. I love kirk/spock, spock/uhura, spock/mccoy, kirk/mccoy, sherlock/john, sherlock/joan, sherlock/irene, duncan/methos, xena/ares, seiya/usagi to name a few.
Other fandom interests: I write fanfic from time to time both het and slash. I love fanart and have a million faves on dA. I often comission art of my favorite het ships because not many draw them for fun. Same with fic. :(

Your interests beside fandom: Ball Jointed Dolls, barbie collecting, sword collecting (Highlander's fault), archery, I want to do fencing and have thought about the SCA, photography, convention cosplay photography, asian fashion, asian music like jpop and kpop, gardening, cats, snakes, reading and trying to get my novel out of my head and onto paper.

What you hope for in people you add: I'm mainly on tumblr. I don't use it to talk. Tumblr is like a big party post or FFA full of gifs and stupid which I like. I save my journal for the ventings about fandom and my depression. I usually vent about hardcore shippers being annoying and how as a multishipper, I see both sides of ship wars. If you don't mind that, feel free to add me. I know some are protective of their ships and what not so they might not want to see my ventings. You can add me here, lj or tumblr (http://spockuhura-is-flawless.tumblr.com). Please let me know because I get a lot of bot adds and often don't add people back.

My pic from Dragon Con. I pointed up at him and he went "Yeah! We're number one!" I went "No, it's a Watcher tattoo. I'm pointing to you cause I'm a Watcher." The pic was the end result. XD

Date: 2017-05-10 02:12 pm (UTC)
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I'm in the SCA! It's awesome, would totally recommend. Which country are you in?

Also, fellow Trekkie! LLAP. :D

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